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"Remastered Obsession"

Posted: 01 February, 2024

If you’ve been following along you’ll have read about my quest to remaster Mike Cosford’s Hyperspace Mix, from the Obsession: Progressive Excellence tape-pack. It took a bit of Discogs digging, but I did get all the vinyl – some in better nick than others – clean them, and sample them.

I was in two minds about how to record this. Do the entire mix from vinyl, then clean it up? Or record from DVS, using my cleaned-up samples? I went for the latter, mainly because Rekord Box charge 120 quid a year for the DVS feature, and I need to get my fucking money’s worth before I sell up and move to Traktor.

Anyway, it is done.

The best bit of this entire thing has been the last couple of weeks, passing it around the circle of friends who would have listened to it, spliff in hand, back in the day. The warm, fuzzy glow of memories washing over them. WhatsApp story sharing.

So enjoy. And my deep apologies to Mike for breaking all sorts of DJ etiquette here. You are a legend, sir, and this was done with love.

With a bit of luck, this will last me another 30 years...